The Alternative Vet Practice
Dr. med. vet. Miriam Krause
Veterinary Surgeon
Qualified Dog Behaviourist & Trainer (IDBTS)
Qualified Canine Bowen Technique Practitioner (EGCBT)
Qualified Human Bowen Technique Practitioner (ECBS)
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Veterinary Services:

Joyce Grimstone:

"Our gorgeous Lucy was spayed a couple of weeks ago. Miriam parked her vet mobile in our drive. After a chat with us in the comfort of our own home she took our Labrador out, tail wagging, no stress. After her op she walked back in to the house, slowly and recovered in happy surroundings. I think Miriam is the most caring vet I have ever come across, and feel very lucky she is here in Shetland. Also I would like to say that apart from the excellent service, her fees are extremely reasonable. Keep up the good work Miriam. By the way Lucy has recovered very well and is back to her usual bouncy self."

Sandra Goudie:

"Our collie Tess has made a speedy recovery from her neutering operation a week past Tuesday. Miriam's vetmobile outside the house saved two stressful car journeys, and it was great to get her into the house just after she woke up. I would definitely recommend The Alternative Vet Shetland - Dr. Miriam Krause."

Michelle Calderwood:

"It's a fantastic service all my animals used to be stressed on the way to the vets. Now it's so easy for me and them. Completely stress free. Always a 5* service!! Wouldn't use anyone else my animals love her."

Jess Tague:

"i am so chuffed with the alternative vets miriam. she spayed ellie on thursday not even 28hours later ellie is acting like nothing happened apart from she had a sleep. one happy baby. where her stitches are is so neat and dont look nasty. miriam looked after ellie so great would recommend her to anyone."

Allan Smith, Selivoe:

"Caring and compassionate

The Alternative Vet Practice offers a highly professional service while still retaining the personal touch with pets and their owners. Miriam is a first class vet who also draws on her wide knowledge and considerable expertise in animal behaviour to ensure a consultation that is as stress free as possible for her patients. Upon meeting Miriam it is immediately obvious that she genuinely cares deeply about all aspects of animal welfare. She is extremely patient and always takes the time to fully explain, reassure and give advice. Nothing is too much trouble and Miriam really goes the extra mile to provide the highest standard of care and attention. Her fees are very competitive."

Hille Buckley-Jones:
"To Dr Miriam Krause, just to say a big thank you for your advice and support 1363 miles away!. Milo is making progress day after day, today he was his normal clowny mood. Hope to thank you in person, please come for a holiday.

I never met a better vet than Miriam, treating animals and owners with respect and love. Practising in a holistic , conventional and alternative, complementary therapy way. One woman business were the phone and door is always open....even from a distance. This woman is a true vet, practising in a rural area with not a lot of back up."

Lynn Mathieson, Lerwick:
"I love this lady, she has been amazing with my Kya :-D xx"

Annkatrine McKay, Lerwick:

Absolutely fantastic service. Buster loves going to see Miriam. Very careing but very thorough in everything she does with Buster."

"Very understanding

I had a very sick mouse pup and messaged asking for advice. She was very supportive and understanding making it very clear what I had to do."

"Professional, friendly, great value for money and approachable

I've had titre testing, vaccinations, wormers, home visits, nail clipping and LOADS of free advice and answers to my questions. miriam is very friendly and approachable, very patient and great at her job. she always explains things and answers messages that i send in great detail. i hope she carries on being successful with her business as she deserves it and it seems to be more than just a job to her."

Andrea Williams:
"Best vet I have ever used.

Had my 2 yorkie neutered they had the best care you could wish for from a vet. Miriam was so patient and kind she explained everything that would happen .After care was excellent had a phone call from her to make sure the dogs were ok.Would highly recommend to all my friends and family......5 star all the way *****"


I got my rabbit neutered and was very pleased with everything. All was explained very well and it all went smoothly with no complications, he recovered well and we even got a follow up phone call. excellent price too. Thanks"

"My favourite vet practice!!!

The best vet I have met yet.

Miriam made my pets feel at ease when they were unsure and didn't rush them to get their inoculations.

She neutered my rabbits and my cat and made me feel reassured that they would be in excellent hands. After they had their surgery Miriam phoned to let me know when they had woken up and let me know when I could come take them home. I got a call a few days later to make sure they were getting on ok. One of my rabbits was very naughty and ate her stitches out and after a quick phone call to Miriam she told me to come straight to the surgery to get my bunny stitched back up and to make sure there was no damage done internally. A few minutes later my bunny was stitched back up and we could go home.

Prices are great and l have recommended her to my friends and family.

She has given me so much advice and reassurance and I feel safe leaving my pets at her practice as I know they will be loved and cared for as if they were her own."

Gillian Ramsay, North Roe:
"Why I love the Alternative!

Miriam has an excellent rapport with her patients-where being a behavourist as well as a vet comes in. She takes time to settle the animal if nervous, explains why she is doing what she is doing, gives excellent follow up service, evening appts-essential if you work full time! You never feel rushed or patronised."

"Wonderful vet.

Home visit to cut my scatty dogs nails. This is usually a very traumatic event but I was pleasantly surprised by how calm this vet made the whole experience for me and my dog.

Fantastic vet, who genuinely cares for my animals. Great advice and no ridiculous prices."

Claire Feather, Brae:
"Thank you so much for looking after Lily! She is coming along slowly. Don't know what we would have done without you.

Thank you for being so lovely and caring! X"

Elena Mera-Long, Fair Isle:
"Hi, Miriam! My big boy, Beethoven, is doing very well, a week after his castration. He has healed very quickly and he doesn't seem at all bothered by what has happened to him! You did a great job, and I particularly appreciated all the extras you did while he was anaesthetised, to save him any stress; nail-cutting, ears, antibody titres, dental examination, etc. You gave me a lot of good advice, and I really hope that you will be able to expand your services in the future; you have genuine love and respect for Beethoven and he knows it: He loves you, too!"


Dog Behaviour Therapy & Training / Canine Bowen Technique (CBT):

Alison Williamson, Burra, with 'Alfie':

"Miriam did Bowen Therapy on my dog Alfie. He had a ruptured disc in his back and was paralysed. To be honest, it was like a miracle. He slept sound all night, then walked out of his basket in the morning!! I recommend Miriam to everyone, dogs and humans."

Evette Walterson:

"Would like to say a big big thank you to miriam who has helped me with zac the boxer who at the age of 10 has decided to be stressed out after being at the kennels he now sleeps most nights and looks happier."

Rosie Lowry:

"Miriam works with dogs and owners in a wonderful way, which benefits both. She educates people with dogs to be able to see things from the dogs' point of view as well as the humans. Miriam also has a broader knowledge in canine behaviour than most vets due to her seeking futher education to really understand dogs."

Diane Taylor, Dunrossness, with 'Lottie':

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for your help in easing Lottie's stress and educating us in dog communication.

The Bowen Therapy has very quickly eased/eliminated her main stress symptoms. She's no longer affected by loud noises and her fear of the smoke alarm going off when we cook has completely gone.

Thanks for such great service. We have a happier, healthier and more relaxed dog now :)"

Guy Nightingale, Sand, with 'Bronia', 'Jazz', 'Wizard', 'Casper' + 'Nell':
"We first met Dr Miriam Krause as one of our local veterinary surgeons looking after our many dogs and cats. Miriam has decided to expand her range of canine services and approached us as she required subjects for case studies to help her finish training for her Canine Bowen Therapy qualification.

We were very happy to help and had five able subjects in our two German Shepherds, two Flat Coated Retrievers and a Border Collie!

Miriam firstly went through a very thorough questionnaire for each dog with a full history being taken and studied. She then gave each of our five dog's three treatment/sessions of Bowen therapy over three weeks to complete the case studies.

The treatments were extremely interesting to observe and Miriam showed a wide collection of her skills in handling dogs, being a professional Dog behaviourist and also applying her Bowen Therapy techniques. Each dog has a widely differing personality and required a range of approaches to put them at ease and make them comfortable for treatment. Miriam has both the patience and the skill to achieve this and our most nervy and highly strung dog was completely at ease with Miriam by the third session.

Miriam applied her Bowen Technique moves with skill and patience, waiting for the dogs to find their own comfortable space and the sessions were concisely executed to each dog's specific requirements. We are sure that a happy and trusting bond has been established between therapist and each wagging dog. The results were positive and we would be extremely happy for Miriam to treat our dogs in the future."

M.G., Lerwick:
"What a difference! I can slip her in the garden now without worrying about her disappearing as she comes in when told! [My husband] is really enjoying the walks as he can slip her up at the Knab and on the Sletts no problem and she even returns when called while playing with another dog!! I have braved slipping her once at the Clickimin Loch but I kept the new lead – as recommended by yourself – attached and she was brilliant.

The biggest change in her came when we received your letter regarding the kind of food we were feeding her, We switched to [a different brand] and instant transformation. She is like a different dog. Obviously she still has her silly moments – few and far between – but the difference is she actually listens to us now.

I'm recommending you as a couple of people have asked how we got her sorted, I hope you don't mind.

Thank you so much for all your help, I don't know what we would have done without you... From a very relieved and happy family."


Human Bowen Technique:

Sharon, Weisdale:

"Bowen Therapy was a miracle for me!

After trying to conceive for over a year, I was having almost constant period pain, irregular bleeding and symptoms similar to endometriosis. Within a month of Bowen Therapy I had conceived! Now whether it was coincidence or not we'll never know, but that month of treatment I had none of the cramping or other symptoms I had been experiencing.

It's such a subtle treatment that you find it hard to believe it's doing anything, but I feel very strongly that it made some sort of change in my body that allowed me to conceive that month.

We now have an amazing baby!

I just want to add that I don't want to give any false hope to people. It may not work for everyone, but for me I really think it did."