The Alternative Vet Practice
Dr. med. vet. Miriam Krause
Veterinary Surgeon
Qualified Dog Behaviourist & Trainer (IDBTS)
Qualified Canine Bowen Technique Practitioner (EGCBT)
Qualified Human Bowen Technique Practitioner (ECBS)
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Welcome to ‘The Alternative Vet Practice’ in Shetland

Mobile Veterinary Services – Bringing the vet to your doorstep

***** For information or to book an appointment, please phone 01595 890234 or 07900 201571
***** Appointments are available as home visits and at special pop-up clinics (see: pop-up clinic schedule)
***** Monday - Friday: 9am - 2.30pm
***** Weekend: occasional weekend appointments available on request
***** Cash or cheque payment only at time of appointment

The aim of this practice is to provide a high quality flexible service near to you or right at your home greatly reducing any stress for you and your pet and always putting your pets needs first!

The Alternative Vet Practice is a very new concept of providing routine veterinary care in the UK – bringing the veterinary surgery including operating theatre to you!
Mobile routine veterinary services are offered by home visits or at pop-up clinics all over Shetland in a specialised mobile vet surgery van (see: pop-up clinic schedule).

The vetmobile is a state-of-the-art, fully fitted vet surgery in a very compact space, with all the usual equipment you would expect, and more:

  • Consultation/operating table
  • Weighing scales
  • Inhalation anaesthetic machine
  • Dental unit
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Sterile instrument kits
  • Recovery kennels
  • Air conditioning

A small selection of pet shop items is available in the van - if you need anything specific, then other items including food can of course be ordered specially for you.

The following routine veterinary services are currently available:
  • Companion animals:
    • Neutering (Spay and Castration)
    • Basic skin lump and dew claw removal
    • Routine Dental Scale & Polish
    • Vaccinations (incl general health + weight check) for dogs, cats and rabbits
    • Vaccination Antibody Titre Tests for cats and dogs
    • Clipping nails, expressing anal glands, simple ear infections
    • Dematt/groom (if sedation is required only)
    • Microchipping

    • Dog Behaviour Therapy & Training
    • Complementary Therapies
    • Advice on Homoeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies
    • Pet First Aid Courses

  • Horses/Ponies:

In accordance with the Professional Conduct of Veterinary Surgeons, if your pet is currently receiving veterinary attention or on ongoing medication, then with your permission your regular vet practice will be kindly asked for a case history prior to any appointment.
For any issues that are detected during the general health check, you will be advised to contact your regular veterinary practice for further consultation and treatment of your pet, and the regular vet practice will be informed about this advice and any medication given during the consultation.

Routine surgical procedures (such as neutering, basic lump removal) are performed directly at your home – all I need is level parking space and access to your electricity supply (a back-up generator is available if necessary).
After discussing any remaining questions and signing a consent form, the patient is then taken through to the vetmobile where he/she gets examined, weighed and a pre-med injection is given to reduce anxiety and to lessen the dose of anaesthetic needed. Once this has developed its full effect, the general anaesthetic is induced and the operation performed.
As soon as your pet is awake and alert, with all reflexes fully returned, he/she is taken back into your home. While your pet can snuggle up in their own comfy bed, all post-operative care will be discussed in detail, and I will only leave you and your pet once you are totally happy and confident – and I’m only a phone call away in case of any further worries or questions!

For dental cases, I have an advanced dental unit, including air compessed drills, scaler and polisher – just as you would expect from your own dentist.
Once under general anaesthetic, all dental treatments start with scaling the tartar off the teeth, re-assessing the condition of each tooth thoroughly and extracting any diseased teeth. Remaining teeth are then polished which helps reducing the future build-up of plaque.

Blood samples for pre-anaesthetic blood profiles or pathology for any abnormal lumps can be arranged – these samples will be sent to an external lab, and results are available within a few days.

Emergency Service:
The Alternative Vet Practice’ offers 24 hours emergency service for its own clients
– in case of an emergency, please phone 01595 890234.

However, due to the limited services available at this practice, facilities and equipment are limited and emergency treatment can only be provided for emergencies directly resulting from recent treatments given at this practice.

For all other emergencies and acute health issues, you are advised to contact your regular vet practice!
Emergencies can happen at any time! To ensure appropriate emergency cover for your pet, please register with a regular vet practice as soon as possible, if not already done! (Your regular vet practice may want to see your pet for an examination before accepting your registration.)

In any case, ‘The Alternative Vet Practice’ will provide emergency first aid and pain relief as necessary until your regular vet can be contacted.